Private Label Program for Engine Builders


What is your private label program for engine builders? 

Daytona Twin Tec can provide a complete private label solution to your ignition requirements at a competitive cost. Any of our units can be supplied with your logo and product name on the label. The accompanying instruction manuals and software can be similarly customized. The minimum purchase requirement is very reasonable. 

Units can also be shipped preprogrammed to your exact specifications at no extra cost. For low  volume customers, Twin Tec branded units are available with no minimum order quantity. 

If you are interested, send us an Email (click on the link above) or call us at 386-304-0700. 


Can I protect my data so that competitors can't see it and customers can't modify it?

Yes! We carefully considered this requirement in the design of our products. An engine builder may spend considerable dyno tuning effort generating custom advance curves. At the same time they may want to prevent customers from making unauthorized modifications (such as increasing the RPM limit) that might result in an expensive warranty claim. They may also want to be able to download the operational history of a unit, to see how long and how hard it has been run.    

We have a very responsive private label program. If you purchase a reasonable minimum quantity, we will put your name and logo on any of our products including the instruction manuals and software. We will assign you a special firmware ID code that will be programmed into your units. Only your software will be able to access your units. If you maintain control over your software, no one else will be able to access your units. As long as you make  a reasonable minimum annual purchase, we will continue to update your version of the software.

In some cases, you may want to have two private label versions of a product: one that has restricted access and a second that your customers can reprogram. 


Can I automatically retard timing with a turbocharger or nitrous oxide injection system?

Yes! This is possible with Twin Tec Model 1005, 1006, and 1007 ignitions. You will require the optional PC link cable and software. You can easily reconfigure the VOES switch input as a retard input. You can program the retard value over a 0-10 range. When the retard input is grounded, ignition timing is automatically retarded. 

For a turbocharger application, you can simply replace the VOES switch with a pressure activated switch. For nitrous applications, use a relay. Connect the relay coil in parallel with the solenoid valves and use a normally open contact to ground the retard input whenever the solenoid valves are energized. 

For more detailed information, please download our Turbo Boost and Nitrous Timing Retard Tech Note.


How do I wire up a custom bike with a Twin Cam 88 Engine?

You can easily do this with our TC88 ignition. The wire harness is readily available from your local H-D dealer and you can use the wiring diagram in the H-D manual. At a minimum, you must hookup the crankshaft position (CKP) sensor, manifold pressure (MAP) sensor, ignition coil, power, and ground. If you have an early Twin Cam 88 engine with the camshaft position (CMP) sensor, you can leave this sensor disconnected. 

We highly recommend that you leave the H-D data link plug intact, as it is required for the PC link. If you are not using the stock (or a Twin Cam 88 compatible) instrument cluster, leave the check engine LED wire (black connector, pin 4) unconnected. This signal cannot drive a lamp bulb. The tach signal is at pin 12 on the black connector. The tach signal should drive most aftermarket tachs intended for H-D applications. If you are not using a bank sensor or TSSM module, you must ground the wire going to pin 10 on the black connector. 

If you are making your own wire harness, please be advised that all the H-D manuals and wiring diagrams show an incorrect view of the MAP sensor and mating connector. The wire colors shown for terminals A, B and C are correct but the view is reversed. If you don't pay attention to the terminal letters engraved on the connector, your wiring harness will be incorrect and the ignition will not run. The correct view is shown below.